BIGSHINE KOREA Announces Distribution Agreement with XMOS, AIoT Chip Maker

In May 2023, BIGSHINE KOREA entered into a “Representative & Distributor agreement” with XMOS, a leading semiconductor chipmaker based in the UK. XMOS specializes in AIoT processors, leveraging its own core technology. This partnership positions BIGSHINE KOREA to play a significant role across various application fields, particularly within industrial sectors that rely on AIoT technology.

XMOS, headquartered in Bristol, UK, operates as a fabless semiconductor company. Their mission is to revolutionize silicon deployment by empowering embedded software engineers to develop custom SoC solutions effortlessly, utilizing their uniquely flexible and accessible hardware platforms. With xcore® technology at its core, XMOS enables innovation in consumer, industrial, and automotive IoT applications. Their recent announcement of a 4th generation architecture, embracing the RISC-V ISA, further enhances the adaptability and accessibility of their platform, extending its revolutionary benefits to a wider array of applications.

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